Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Idea for 30th Birthday Gift for Wife

If your wife is about to turn 30, you can help her celebrate by letting her know how much she means to you by giving her the perfect gift. Her 30th birthday is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated. Any one of these ideas will forever mark her 30th birthday as one to be cherished for a life time. The best part will be knowing you played a major hand in making it happen for her.

Nostalgic ideas from the year she was born are great ways to mark the occasion. Purchasing a "Your Special Day" copy of Life Magazine is a fun way to help your wife celebrate turning 30. She will treasure this original copy of Life Magazine dating back to the week she was born.

A photo collage using her baby pictures from birth to one year will also touch her heart. These can be displayed in a shadow box with, if you can obtain them, her first pair of booties, rattle or blanket. You can include a calligraphy copy of her birth certificate as well.

Make Her Dreams Come True
Give your wife the ultimate 30th birthday gift in the form of an adventure. There could be something she has mentioned always wanting to do but never took the time for, or didn't think she could afford it. You may know of something she missed out on as a kid that you can make happen for her today.

If she has never boarded a plane or a helicopter, these rides can be taken relatively inexpensively for you both at small municipal airports in your area. Taking to the skies is both exciting and romantic. Bring along the camera to get that special shot of the two of you.

If she never got that pony she had hoped for as a little girl you may want to consider taking her horseback riding. A weekend of horse riding lessons will be fun and memorable for the two of you. It will also be a chance to make a childhood dream come true for her.

30 Different Ways
An inexpensive idea that your wife will love more than diamonds or pearls is found in heart felt expressions of love and adoration. At your local paper store you can find small envelopes to hold business sized cards. On these cards, that you can print at home, write thirty things you love about her. Then, over the next month she can open one card each morning to be blessed by the many ways you adore her.

Another similar idea involves her friends and family. Have each of them write down a memory of time spent with your wife over the last thirty years. Make sure to provide beautiful cards for them so they can write these in their own handwriting. Place the cards in an ornate box that is hers to keep.

Don't Forget the Party
One of the best gifts you can give your wife on her 30th birthday is a party. Taking the time and effort to plan a party speaks loudly of your love for her. She'll appreciate the gesture for years to come. It might not be a bad idea to hire a photographer for the occasion so she can have pictures to look back on the day as she celebrated this milestone with loved ones.

By Renee Miller

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